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Basic Information

Water Sensitive Urban Design/Stormwater Management is an integral part of Land Development in Australia.A large number of LGAs(and other Authorities) have stringent requirements for Stormwater Quality management, as part of the Land Development Application process.For the last 20 years, the only tool available to produce MUSIC models has been MUSIC by eWater.Unfortunately MUSIC is a software which was designed for research purposes, hence it is very cumbersome to use for the purpose of creating models and reports in accordance with Authority(Local Government or otherwise) Guidelines.To address these limitations, John Connor Online(JCO) was created.

JCO creates MUSIC models which comply with Guidelines, saving time at every step of the Development process.

JCO Main Features

  • Automatically loads Authority-required meteo template, sourcenodes and treatment nodes based on project’s map location.
  • Immediately useable online, no cumbersome software installation required.
  • User can only change parameters required for land development, with clearly shown images of what the parameters mean.
  • Validation of values entered, so that Authority Guidelines are followed.
  • Name of source and treatment nodes include node characteristics – easy to confirm model conforms with latest Civil Design.
  • Treatment nodes appropriately separated by the pollutants they target, helping Modellers design an appropriate treatment train.
  • Validation of treatment performance (some nodes can increase pollutant levels), saving Modellers’ time.
  • Automatic report generation.
  • Reports include relevant treatment details, schematic and typical drawings for easy integration in Civil Design.
  • JCO models and reports provide guarantee of guidelines compliance to Authority, saving Authority’s time.